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We develop Java EE applications and components, using the most reliable technologies and open-source frameworks. Devsphere also provides Java, XML, HTML5 and Oracle consulting services.

Java EE Applications
Our Java developers can build your application on Struts, Spring and Hibernate, or we can use the JSF and EJB3 standards. We have deployed Java EE applications on all widely-used servers, including WebSphere, WebLogic, OracleAS, GlassFish, JBoss and Tomcat.

Oracle ADF Applications
Devsphere can take your existing Oracle Forms applications and turn them into ADF-based Web applications. This change will allow you to take advantage of the high reliability and scalability of Java EE servers.

JSF Web Components
We create custom JSF components based on HTML5, carefully designing each component's tag and API. We provide full documentation and perform thorough testing to ensure a solid implementation.

Rich HTML5 Web UIs
Devsphere designs HTML5 user interfaces based on Web standards that are supported by all major browsers. We use HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks that have been developed and are actively maintained by well-known organizations.

Eclipse Plugins & SWT UIs
Our developers and designers build Eclipse Plugins and SWT-based desktop products that run on Windows, Mac and Linux, fully exploiting the UI features that these platforms provide.

Desktop Swing GUIs
We use the Java Swing framework to develop cross-platform desktop applications and custom components that interoperate very well with the standard Swing components.

Web 2.0 / HTML5 Consulting
Devsphere can help your developers build reliable HTML5 UIs and convert desktop / Web applications into fast HTML5 clients connected to scalable Java EE applications.

Oracle / Java Consulting
Our consultants and developers are proficient with the Oracle Database, JDeveloper, ADF, Oracle Application Server, WebLogic, Workshop and other Oracle products. One of our main strengths is the vast experience with ADF Faces Rich Client and its underlying technologies.

JSF / Struts Consulting
We can teach your developers how to efficiently use JSF for building Web applications and component libraries. We can also help you migrate existing Struts applications to JSF.

Java / XML Consulting
Devsphere's consultants can guide you through the Java XML standards and tools, helping you find those that solve your problems. We build full solutions that allow our clients to manage, process, archive, visualize and edit XML documents in a desktop, server or distributed Java environment.

Project Management
Form start to finish, your project will be managed by our Senior Developer Andrei Cioroianu who is an expert in Java, Web, XML and Oracle technologies. He authored over forty articles published by Oracle Technology Network (OTN), IBM developerWorks, O'Reilly ONJava, IDG JavaWorld and Java Developer's Journal. Please browse through our site to learn more about our company and contact us to discuss your project.

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