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12. Email-based Application

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The next few chapters describe a full application based on Devsphere Mapping Framework and the JavaMail standard extension. It contains a servlet called FormMailer and a standalone application called MailMonitor.

12.1. Application Model

The FormMailer servlet uses the mapping framework and its helper packages to convert form data to bean objects and then to key-value pairs. The obtained ASCII text is emailed to one or more addresses using JavaMail.

The MailMonitor application uses JavaMail to get the messages from the e-mail server. Then, it converts the obtained key-value pairs to bean objects, which are forwarded to a dynamically loaded class for processing.

The HTML form may look like this:

<HEAD><TITLE>Simple form</TITLE></HEAD>
<P> String <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="string" SIZE="20">

<P> Number <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="number" SIZE="20">

<P> Integer <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="integer" VALUE="1">Option 1
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="integer" VALUE="2">Option 2
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="integer" VALUE="3">Option 3

<P> Flag <BR>



The HTML form is mapped to a JavaBean like this

public class SimpleBean implements java.io.Serializable {
    private String string;
    private float number;
    private int integer;
    private boolean flag;

    public String getString() { return this.string; }
    public void setString(String value) { this.string = value; }

    public float getNumber() { return this.number; }
    public void setNumber(float value) { this.number = value; }

    public int getInteger() { return this.integer; }
    public void setInteger(int value) { this.integer = value; }

    public boolean getFlag() { return this.flag; }
    public void setFlag(boolean value) { this.flag = value; }

The valid bean objects would be processed by a class like this:

public class SimpleProc {
    public void processSimpleBean(SimpleBean simpleBean) {

12.2. Hints and Tips

The following chapters present

  • a servlet that may be used to send the form data to one or more email addresses,
  • the store connectors, which are components that communicate with a message store,
  • the core class of the application, which invokes the connectors' methods and deals with the multithreading issues,
  • the class that starts the mail monitor application,
  • an example that uses the form mailer and the mail monitor.
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