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Java / Oracle / AJAX Articles and Books by Andrei Cioroianu

Andrei Cioroianu co-authored two Java-XML books for Wrox Press and authored over forty articles for the Web sites of IBM and Oracle, for the most popular online Java magazines (O'Reilly ONJava and IDG JavaWorld), and for the printed Java magazine with the highest circulation (Java Developer's Journal).

2009 Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g JPA Workbench Oracle
Use Java Scripting API with JSP IBM
Call Remote JavaScript Functions with AJAX IBM
2008 Run JavaScript Files on the Server Side IBM
Oracle Workshop's Support for Java EE 5 Web Standards Oracle
Create JSF-like Components, Using JSP Tag Files IBM
Build UI Features Based on DOM, JavaScript, and JSP Tag Files IBM
Use Conventions to Minimize Setup and Configuration IBM
Generate JavaScript Code Dynamically with JSP Tag Files IBM
Dynamic JSF Forms IBM
Enhance the Appearance of Your JSF Pages IBM
2007 Working with AJAX Table Editors and Viewers Oracle
Restore the User Input of JSF Forms IBM
Manage Form Data on the Server Side IBM
Use XMLHttpRequest to Submit JSF Forms IBM
Using EJB3 with AJAX Oracle
2006 Enabling Data Exchange in AJAX Applications Oracle
Developing Smart Web UIs with AJAX, JSF and ADF Faces Oracle
2005 Reusability in Web Applications Oracle
Upload Files with JSF and MyFaces ONJava
Using Caches in Multi-Tier Applications Oracle
Using ADF Faces in Existing JSF Applications Oracle
Building Database-driven Applications with JSF Oracle
Caching Dynamic Content with JSP 2.0 ONJava
2004 Frameworks To The Rescue Oracle
Developing JSTL-like Tags with JSP 2.0 Oracle
Creating Custom Desktop Components ONJava
Using the JSP 2.0 EL API Oracle
Data Models for Desktop Apps ONJava
Creating JSP 2.0 Tag Files Oracle
Prototyping Desktop Applications ONJava
Java Desktop Development ONJava
2003 Using JSF ONJava
JSP Progress Bars ONJava
Call JavaBean Methods from JSP 2.0 Pages JavaWorld
2001 Java XML Programmer's Reference Wrox
Professional Java XML Wrox
1999 Persistent Threads for Friendly Applications JDJ
1998 Persistent Threads for Friendly Applets JDJ
What AWT Version Do You Use? JDJ
Persistent User Interface for Multiuser Applications JDJ
Fast launcher for Java apps JavaWorld
Browser upgrades JavaWorld

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